Thursday, 29 September 2011

Heat Holders Socks review

When I recently discovered Heat Holders, it was like my prayers had been answered. Warm comfy socks for all the family!
The tog rating on the Heat Holders is 2.3, which when you compare that the tog rating of an average cotton sock is just 0.40 you see how much warmer these are!

So how do Heat Holders work?
Heat Holders are made up in a unique three stage process which includes using extra heavy bulky yarn, advanced knitting technology and intense brushing process, which together means more warm air is held close to the skin, keeping your feet warmer for longer!

Here is a picture of the inside of the socks.

With the wintery weather last week, me and my 7 year old daughter snuggled up on the sofa in our warm Heat Holders. We both have pink socks, which is great as we both love pink!

There is loads of colours and sizes to chose from. Hubby has a pair of 'Big Foot' socks in Earth Brown colour, which I know will come in handy. My hubby is a mechanic and spends his days out in the cold fixing cars, so these will be perfect for the winter days! I won't lie, I have been keeping them warm for him while my Heat Holders are in the wash!!

You can check out the whole range of Heat Holders online at where they have lots of choice of colours, aswell as some other products including gloves, tights and leggings.

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