My Little Pony Princess Celestia

Brooke was really pleased to recieve a My Little Pony Princess Celestia to review, she loves My Little Pony.
I was glad to find the packagaing Princess Celestia came in was easy to remove, there was none of those dreaded plastic ties that annoy us on christmas morning!

Brooke first impression of Princess Celestia was how pretty it was. She was instantly attracted to the long lucious locks of hair that adorns Princess Celestia. The hair is a mix of purple, pink and green curly locks.  Included in the pack is a hairbrush and four different coloured hair clips which has provided Brooke hours of fun styling Princess Celestias hair. There is a removeable crown included aswell as a necklace.

The next thing that Brooke noticed is that the star shaped cutie mark on the side, when you press it, Princess Celestia’s wings light up and move together, it’s as if she is flying! There is also magical music and Princess Celesita speaks various phrases including ‘I love when you comb my hair’ and ‘I am Princess Celestia’, there is lots more too, so you don’t have one repetitive phrase constantly going off.

Princess Celestia takes two AAA batteries, but these come included and despite our My Little Pony being played with heavily, they are still working.

My Little Pony Princess Celestia is a gorgeous looking toy that little girls will love and cherish, I can see this being top of many little girls christmas lists this year!

You can check out the whole My Little Pony range at
My Little Pony Princess Celestia is also available from Hasbro at amazon for £24.59

Happy Birthday Pat limited edition DVD

As a child I loved Postman Pat. I would make my mum rent me out the videos from our local video shop, just hearing the catchy tune makes me smile.
When I had my first child 9 years ago, I started watching it again and was shocked how much it had changed! Now I am still watching it with my third child Mark and I can honestly say I feel officially old when I announce that on the 16th September Postman Pat is 30!
Postman Pat is the longest running animated TV series on the BBC, that’s an amazing achievement!

We were sent a copy of the limited edition ‘Happy Birthday Pat’ DVD to review. The first to spot the sparkly DVD was my 6 year old daughter Brooke who couldnt wait to get Marks postman pat toys out and settle down to watch the DVD.

The DVD comes in a special slip case which has shiny foil detail. Slipping the DVD out there is 2 discs inside, the first is the DVD ‘Happy Birthday Pat’ which has 8 fabulous episodes on which provide over three hours of Postman Pat fun. These include:

– Postman Pat’s Great Big Party
– Postman Pat Takes The Bus
– Postman Pat & The Toy Soilders
– Postman Pat & The Tuba
– Postman Pat & The Greendale Rocket
– Postman Pat & The Barometer
– Postman Pat Clowns Around
– Postman Pat’s Pirate Treasure.

There is also a bonus limited edition party CD which contains 15 tracks for you and your children to sing along to. We love a good dance around the house while tidying up, so this will come in very handy!

This DVD is brilliant, I love the ‘Postman Pat’s Great Big Party’ episode. It features all of the characters rallying around to create Pat a special birthday party, but he has no idea and thinks everyone has forgotten. It’s a great episode and we have watched it 3 times already as the kids all love it.

You can check out more about Postman Pat, play some games and even download some free activity sheets at

A massive Happy 30th Birthday to Postman Pat, here is to many more birthdays!

You can buy the limited edition Happy Birthday Pat DVD from 12th September 2011.

Barbie Princess Charm School DVD released 29th August 2011

We were recently sent Barbie Princess Charm School to review. My daughter Brooke was estatic, she is a typical Barbie loving 6 year old girl, who has a stack of Barbie DVD’s already.

On Friday while my youngest was napping, and my eldest was at his Nan and Grandad’s, me and Brooke snuggled on the sofa to watch Barbie Princess Charm School together.

Barbie stars as Blair Willows, who is an ordinary girl who works hard to help out her younger sister and mother, who had found her when she was just a baby. Blair is entered into the Princess lottery by her younger sister. Blairs name is announced and she wins the chance to attend Princess Charm School.

Princess Charm School is where Princesses get to learn exactly how to be a proper princess. Blair then discovers that she is potentially the kingdoms missing princess, as does the nasty royal teacher, who goes out of her to way to make sure Blair cannot claim the throne. Blair teamed with her two new best friends have a race against time to reveal the enchanted crown they found and prove Blair is the real missing princess!

Here is a short trailer of the film…

Barbie Princess Charm School was a brilliant action packed film that kept Brooke engaged throughout. There is a fantastic plot which every little girl will adore.
Brooke was in awe at the pretty uniforms and the beautiful dresses and accessories, and of course the magical music at the end of the film too. This is already a firm favourite!

Barbie Princess Charm School is released on DVD on 29th August 2011 with a RRP of £14.99 and a certificate U.

Tights please!


The summer holidays are nearly over, and the thought of the kids going back to school is getting closer by the second! So I have just started to think about buying school uniform. We go through stacks and stacks of tights, so I happily said I would review some from Tights Please. Brooke goes through loads of tights, and I spend a small fortune replacing them so tights always come in handy

We were sent one pair of cotton tights, and one pair of opaque tights.

The cotton tights felt fantastic quality and really soft. Brooke was really comfortable in them, and she is yet to get a hole in them too! They washed up well, and didn’t shrink at all. You can find them online to buy here:

The opaque tights were 40 denier, not what I would normally put Brooke in, but they do go lovely with her party dress. Like all opaque tights, I did pluck them with my nails when putting them on, its been so many years since I wore opaque tights that I forgot the tip of wearing socks on my hands to put them on! You can find these online to buy here

The delivery of the tights were really quick, and I will definitely consider using tights please when I am in need of some more. The price of the tights are really good too. The ones we were sent are £3.50 each, but are on a special offer ‘Buy one get one half price’.

You can check the whole range of tights at they sell adult tights, stocking, childrens tights and more.

Naked Kids Shampoo range – send your kids back to school smelling great!

Naked is a range of gorgeous Natural Beauty products. They have recently launched a new range of products just for kids which we ran a competition on a month ago.

Naked for kids!

Naked for kids is a collection of three happy hair 2 in 1 shampoos plus a tantrum-taming untangling spray. They are 97% natural and steer clear of the nasty sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals and silicone. So whats the other 3%? It is preservatives that are vital in stopping the products going off.

Banana and custard shampoo 2 in 1 shampoo

While it was normal to pick the bananas out of the custard at school, squishing them and using their goodness with other natural wonders now makes for healthy hair.

We were sent a Bananas and Custard 2 in 1 shampoo to try out with my kiddies. I opened the top and had a good sniff, I had been dying to try out some of this and I was not disappointed! It smells delicious and really like bananas and custard. It lathered up brilliantly and left both Jordan and Brookes hair smelling delicious.  The bottle is really funky and the kids are happy to have bananas put in their hair, what more could you ask for?? It’s great to know that the products are 97% natural, as a parent that reassures me massively that there is no nasties included in the range. 

The other scents from the range include…

Jam sandwiches 2 in 1 shampoo

A fun alternative to sticky lunchbox leftovers, this yummy berry treat gives lovely soft hair after just 1 wash. For best results finish with a big soft towel and a cuddle.
Toffee Apple 2 in 1 shampoo

Ooooh the sweetness of toffee and the fruity goodness of apples. A perfect combination for persuading kids to get into the shower or bath. Work into a feather soft lather for squeaky clean hair

Orange Lollies untangle me spray

Finish off with their terrific spray on the tangled tresses of your tinies. Makes hair easier to comb so there is fewer tantrums, and with the scent of orange lollies, we can almost hear the ice cream van coming

You can buy Naked for Kids in Boots stores nationwide for just £2.99 each or online at

You can visit their website at
Follow them on Facebook at
Follow them on Twitter at

LEGO Ninjago and competition!

LEGO Ninjago is set to be a top toy this christmas, but what’s it all about??

LEGO Ninjago features two very different characters, Lord Garmadon and Sensei Wu, who are brothers. Lord Garmadon and his skeleton army are here and looking to rebuild the world in their image.

Sensei Wu is the white Spinjitzu Master. Sensei Wu’s weapons of choice are a Wooden Staff, and the Staff of Dragons. He is part of the Heroes along with his team featuring Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane and Nya.

His evil brother is Lord Garmadon who is the black Spinjitzu Destroyer of all Elements, his weapon of choice is a Lightning Bolt. He has a Skeleton Army as well as Frakjaw, Krazi, Chopov, and other ‘baddies’.

Lord Garmadon is on a mission: collect all four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu and, ultimately, rule the world. So which LEGO Ninjago will you be???!

The LEGO Ninjago range is made up of LEGO spinners and LEGO models. These are sure to fire little ones imaginations into life, and get them role playing some fantastic scenes, remember, LEGO can create whatever their imaginations think up!

To check out more about the LEGO Ninjagos you can visit the official site at

Up for grabs we have some fantastic LEGO Ninjago’s prizes for you to win!

The lucky person who wins first prize will get LEGO #2506 Skull Truck RRP £45.99 and LEGO #2508 Blacksmith Shop RRP £14.99.

The next lucky person to be drawn will win LEGO #2509 Earth Dragon Defence RRP £30.99 and LEGO #2255 Sensei Wu RRP £7.99

The third person to be drawn will win LEGO #2254 Mountain Shrine RRP £14.99 and LEGO #2256 Lord Garmadon RRP £7.49

To enter all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post with your name and a way of me contacting you if you are drawn as a winner. 

– For an extra entry you can tweet the following message on twitter:

I want to #win LEGO NINJAGOS with @danielleGparker and The Family Express

please include the URL for your entry to be valid.

– To gain an additional entry you can also follow us on Facebook. You can find our FB page here:

Please remember to leave me an extra comment for each completed step.

This competition will run until 21th September 2011.

This competition is open to UK residents only.

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO group © 2011. The LEGO Group

Micro Scooter Carry Cover bag

When i was asked to review a Micro Scooter Carry Cover bag I was really looking forward to seeing if it would make my life any easier.
The carry cover bag that arrived was black with large purple spots which instantly appealed to my daughter. It has a large adjustable carry handle. It looked very long compared to my daughters scooter, but trying it out it all became clear. The bottom part of the bag is used to help distribute the weight of the scooter and help you to carry it easily.

To pop your scooter into the bag you simply pop the handle into the wide end of the bag at the top, then slide the scooter in. You can then zip it up and you are ready to go.

The Carry Cover bag with Brooke’s scooter inside 

I tried the carry bag out first by popping it on my shoulder. The dimensions and design of the bag means that it distributes the weight extremely well and gives it a comfortable weight to carry on your shoulder, trust me, I am a 5′ tall wimp and I managed it easily.

This is not me, but a photo from the Micro Scooter website demonstrating how it can be carried.

Next I did what I would probably be doing once the kids are back to school, popping it on the back of the buggy. I am constantly left holding the scooter once my 6 year old daughter has ran off into school. Normally I have to hang the handle of the scooter off the handle bar of my buggy and slowly navigate my way home without dropping it. But with the scooter inside the carry bag, it fitted nicely on the handlebar of the buggy and still left enough room for Marks legs. This will be brilliant for us, as too many times i have been left to carry home a muddy scooter and ended up getting filthy as I tried to balance it on the back of the buggy.

Lastly, it has come in handy to transport Brookes scooter in the car. She can now take it out on days out without us worrying about where to put it in the car where it wont get everything, and everyone muddy!

The Micro Scooter Carry Cover is a brilliant buy if you have a scooter loving child and means you can take their microscooter everywhere without getting messy!

The Microscooter Carry Cover bag is available from located at for £19.95 in a variety of designs.

BioRepair plus – repairs and protects teeth

When I was sent some BioRepair to try out, I was pleased to find two different sorts. There was the BioRepair Plus, and BioRepair plus sensitivity control.

So what’s so special about BioRepair?
BioRepair has been developed to repair the enamel on your teeth. It has been developed in collaboration with LEBSC(Labatory of Enviromental and Biological Structrak Chemistry) at the University of Bologna in Italy. It is forumlated to not only repair damaged enamel on teeth but also helps fight acid erosion, plaque, tartar and hypersensitivity.

Here is Dr. Girk Baytug, a dentist for over twenty years, explaining the results of a recent study which tested two repairing toothpastes – one being Biorepair – on their ability to repair enamel erosion caused by a soft drink, which showed that Biorepair provides continuous protection against multiple acid attacks throughout the day, keeping little teeth healthy and protected.

I suffer from sensitive teeth quite badly and was pleased to try the BioRepair out. I used a normal amount of BipRepair, as if it was my normal brand of toothpaste. It lathered up well in my mouth and it tasted only a little bit minty, which is good for me, because minty toothpaste is not my thing!! It left my teeth feeling really clean. I drink vast quantities of energy drinks and cola, which has left my teeth with fillings, tooth decay and even having to have my a few of my teeth extracted. My dentist is forever telling me off. When I saw him at my check up last week, when I told him I just started using Biorepair, he recommended me to use it. This has really given me peace of mind that this toothpaste it going to help my teeth massively.

But Biorepair is not just for adults, due to its formula there is no added fluoride, meaning its suitable for the whole family. Fluoride, if you didn’t know already, is bad for children and them digesting too much can actually cause Fluorosis. Because BioRepair doesn’t contain fluoride, it means I have no fear of worrying how much they swallow while they are brushing.

My two eldest children, Jordan who is 8,and Brooke who is 6, have not had any fillings yet. I wouldn’t say I am against sweets, I am a heavy believer in everything in moderation. Jordans adult teeth have now emerged through and I am desperate to help keep them in tip-top condition. BioRepair is going to be part of our teeth brushing routine from now on. Neither of the children mind the taste of it and Brooke loves that she can brush her teeth without me jumping around behind her telling her to make sure she has spat it all out. Yes, I am a worrier, but BioRepair means there is one less thing for me to worry about!

You can check out more about BioRepair Plus and their other products by checking out their site at and you can buy BioRepair on there for just £3.49.

Hitachi Touro Pro – great for storing those special family moments!

I am a self confessed photo-holic, I literally have thousands of photos that are all special to me. I have even taken a photo of Marky every single day since he was born. I love capturing special moments that all 3 of my children create. Neither mine, nor my husbands parents live locally, so its vital that we capture all those special moments on camera to show the proud grandparents when we do see them, or even to send across the internet to them.

When we were asked to try out the Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro, we were told that it was portable hard drive, but I didn’t realise just how portable it would be until it turned up! It is about the size of my mobile phone. It needs no mains power cable, it powers straight through the USB lead which plugs into your laptop, desktop or even netbook. It requires no pre-installing of any software via CD or downloading anything from the web, which meant that when we took it to the In-Laws, we were able to plug it straight into their computer and simply click on the icon to get it up and running by installing a small file that is stored on the hard drive itself. I was then able to transfer all the new pictures and videos that we had been saving up, over to their computer, so they can browse through them, print off which ones they like best or do with as they wish.

Comparison of size to a HTC sensation mobile phone. 

Now for the technical info….
The Hitachi Touro Pro has 500GB of storage, as well as 3GB of free cloud storage, which you can also increase if you so wish for a small fee. The idea behind the cloud storage is that it backs up everything that is on your Touro unit so that if anything was to happen to the unit (such as loss, theft or damage), you could still access all of your precious contents by simply logging in via a computer. You can also use it to store all those precious files on.
It benefits from a fast 7200 RPM disk speed as well as a 3.0 USB interface for those of you that have that facility. It is also 2.0 and 1.1 USB backward compatibility which means it will plug into virtually any computer. It transfers at up to 480Mbps.
There is a blue light that appears on the front of the unit when it is in use. Its simple to use, even for people who are not computer whizz’s! It even comes complete with a 2 year limited warranty for peace of mind.

The Hitachi Touro Pro is not only great for photos and videos, but also for music files (hubby has alot of them!)and documents too, including word and excel. It is especially good for using while on the move, such as when I am on the train or even in the car.

The Hitachi Touro Pro Unit is sleek, compact and wonderfully helpful. It’s easy to use and fast to transfer files. At just £74.25, it is a small price to pay for such a reassuring and helpful device.

You can purchase the Hitachi Touro Pro online at

You can find out more about the Hitachi Touro Pro range online at 

Galt Art Jar review for izziwizzikids

We were sent the Galt Art Jar to test out for

I was pleasantly surprised when the package turned up, the jar was a lot bigger than I had anticipated, and it was completely stuffed to the brim with goodies.

I emptied the contents out so you can see just how much is included, its hard to believe all of this came out of the one jar.

There is an ideas sheet, paper, 70 pom poms, 40 wiggly eyes, foam shapes, zigzag scissors, sequins, pipe cleaners, straws, shredded paper, glue, 18 plastic buttons, threading elastic, cotton reels, glitter glue, star beads, card templates, felt letters and more!!

I didn’t know what to do first, so I let the children decide what they done. Brooke decided to decorate the star card template with glitter glue, sequins and pompoms, we added a straw to make a magic wand.

Jordan made a monster out of a large pompom, he added eyes, a pompom nose and some crepe paper for hair, then popped it on the cardboard feet that come included.

You can really let your imagination run wild with this Art Jar. The possibilities are endless and children will have loads of fun creating some unique creations. I was pleased to see the threading elastic and the beads included, these are going to be great for Jordans fine motor skills, and his lax ligaments in his wrists to help strengthen the muscles. My younger son Mark loved carrying the Art Jar around, as it has a very funky handle on top of it. I love that its a sturdy jar, meaning once we have used the materials up inside (that;s going to take some work!!) I can then  refill it with new bits.

You can buy the Galt Art Jar online at for £14.99!

Here is a video review of the Galt Art Jar