Heat Holders Socks review

When I recently discovered Heat Holders, it was like my prayers had been answered. Warm comfy socks for all the family!
The tog rating on the Heat Holders is 2.3, which when you compare that the tog rating of an average cotton sock is just 0.40 you see how much warmer these are!

So how do Heat Holders work?
Heat Holders are made up in a unique three stage process which includes using extra heavy bulky yarn, advanced knitting technology and intense brushing process, which together means more warm air is held close to the skin, keeping your feet warmer for longer!

Here is a picture of the inside of the socks.

With the wintery weather last week, me and my 7 year old daughter snuggled up on the sofa in our warm Heat Holders. We both have pink socks, which is great as we both love pink!

There is loads of colours and sizes to chose from. Hubby has a pair of ‘Big Foot’ socks in Earth Brown colour, which I know will come in handy. My hubby is a mechanic and spends his days out in the cold fixing cars, so these will be perfect for the winter days! I won’t lie, I have been keeping them warm for him while my Heat Holders are in the wash!!

You can check out the whole range of Heat Holders online at www.heatholders.com where they have lots of choice of colours, aswell as some other products including gloves, tights and leggings.

Real Construction Deluxe Workshop review

When I was asked if Jordan would like to try out the new Real Construction Deluxe Workshop, I knew he would love it! Jordan loves building things, and with his autism, he loves knowing how things work.
I won’t lie, I was dubious about giving my 8 year old tools, wood, nails and screws, So I got his daddy to supervise and help.

Opening the box, my worrying instantly vanished. The ‘wood’, also known as Kid Wood is what I can only describe as brown polystrene, but not bobbly, it is light and super safe. Even my 18 month old son has had fun bashing his daddy over the head with it!

Jordan and his daddy, both being mad on cars, decided to make a racing car. There is an instruction leaflet included with lots of different suggestions and instructions on models you can make.

Included inside the box was 125 pieces. Including a hand saw, details saw, squarem hole cutter handle, screwdriver, hammer, bores, 50 screws, 50 nails, hinges, and stacks of Kid Wood.

The instructions were straight forward and before long, the model was comign together nicely.
The Kid Wood was easy to cut, and even using the Bore tools, the material cuts nicely and leaves a clean cut line. Kid Wood, unlike real wood, is bendable, which is great as it gives alot more scope with modelling ideas.

Jordan had loads of fun, as I think his dad did too! Jordan loved putting the screws in and he is so chuffed with the results of the hard work.

Here is the completed model.

This is a great buy for children who loves building things, it sparks their imagination. This is a great bonding toy for dads (or mums if you love DIY!) to sit down and build something with their children. You can buy additional refil packs of the Kid Wood, which we shall be doing ready for rainy sundays!! Jordan loved using the tools, and felt really grown up being allowed a saw! A great christmas buy!

You can buy Real Construction online and in stores at Argos simply click on Argos to find the latest prices.

LEGO Ninjagos Competition winners

Ok, it was a bigger task than I imagined, as Disquis only lets you see a certain amount of posts on each page, so this took forever to print out and cut up!! Next time I will find an easier way! Needless to say, the kids had fun picking them though!!

First Prize: Col

Second Prize: David L

Third Prize: Sue Robinson

We have all your email addresses, so will drop you all an email now which you will need to reply to with delivery addresses 🙂

Well done to the lucky winners! Fear not those who haven’t won, we have a VERY exciting competition coming up next week that I know you will all love!!

NEW Lelli Kelly 2011 Winter Boot collection.

We love Lelli Kelly at The Family Express, and wanted to share with you all the new 2011 Boot range that is now available!
Like most little girls, my 7 year old daughter Brooke loves Lelli Kelly shoes and boots. She watches TV and has seen the adverts with that ever so annoying catchy song, which is sung repeatedly around our house. Everything about Lelli Kelly appeals to her, including the free toy that comes with the ‘princess shoes’.

Last year I decided to buy Brooke some Lelli Kelly winter boots, I knew what I wanted for her, and she knew what she wanted (something shiny), so we managed to come to the compromise of flat Lelli Kelly boots, which proved very hard to track down! Eventually I managed to get some and Brooke was ecstatic with her new boots. I was ecstatic with the quality of them. They are made from good quality leather, and have a breathable leather liner. They exceeded my expectations with how well they wore. Brooke wore her Lelli Kelly boots to death, quite literally! They were smart enough for school, yet casual enough to wear weekends with her leggings. They suited every outfit she wore. Everywhere we went, people would comment on her boots, and it was a sad day for all of us when she outgrew them.

When I saw the new 2011 collection, I actually done a little happy dance, there is loads of flat boots to choose from! No hunting around to find any this year, there is a wide choice of styles and colours, resulting in happy parents and happy children!

Here is our style of choice

Eleanor Stars Boot, priced at £64.99

These are also available in red and pewtar colours too

Brookes choice of boots were these…

Madison Strap Boot. They come with 3 sets of straps, so you can change the style of your boots. These are priced at £69.95.

Another Lelli Kelly Boot that has changeable straps is this one.

Samantha Strap Boot. These are available in red and black patent. Priced at £69.95.

Included with all the boots is the new Lelli Kelly Castle Toy Make-Up.

There is lots more styles to choose from, the whole range of Lelli Kelly shoes and boots can be found online at Lelli Kelly Boots. They provide free delivery and free returns on all orders over £25.

KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime

Ever since I attended a Christmas in July event for Hasbro, my son Jordan has been eagerly awaiting the release of KRE-O.
KRE-O is the new brick building sets which you assemble to create the one and only Transformers. There is loads of different sets to choose from, so each child can pick their favourite characters from the films.

Jordan’s favourite character is Optimus Prime, so when he opened his package and found this inside, his expression said it all!

Opening up the box, there were 2 instructions booklets, one to complete Optimus Prime as a lorry and trailer, and one to complete Optimus Prime as the robot. There were bags of pieces.

The box was brilliant, made of strong cardboard, and it opens up so allow you to use it as a tray to put all your pieces while completing your model. Jordan found this great to keep all the pieces in one place and helping him find the little fiddly bits.
There is 524 pieces included in this set and the age guide states 8-14 years. Now Jordan is a whizz at similar sets so I was interested to see how he would cope with a complicated set.

The instruction book to build the Lorry and trailer was 44 pages long, there is 83 steps to build the lorry part, and then 46 steps to complete the trailer.

Included with the model are 5 Kre-on mini figures, which have poseable legs and arms. There is also two motorbikes included as well which have moveable wheels.
The instructions are printed with 4 different steps on each page. Jordan has autism, ADHD aswell as some learning difficulties and as a result, Jordan is unable to read words and numbers, so it was little confusing for him trying to work out to them in order, he needed help from me to point to which one was next to complete. Of course the average 8 year old can read numbers so they probably wouldn’t have an issue. Of course, this is a learning aid for Jordan, as it meant to have to work by numbers in order and try and read what they said.

As I have mentioned, Jordan is a complete whizz at similar building kits, but this really tested him, he had to use his fine motor skills and concentrate really hard, which as a child with ADHD, that is a pretty hard task! But Jordan loved it, and despite me getting him to have little breaks from it for a drink and a walk about, he would of happily sat there for hours completing this. The model took Jordan about 5 hours to complete, and he was so proud of his completed model!

But the fun didn’t stop there; this is a model that Jordan has been playing with since he completed it. The detail is brilliant, and provides a great set to play with and create scenes from the much loved films and tv show.

Next Jordan will dismantle his lorry and completing the instructions to make the robot!
The RRP of this KRE-O Optimus Prime set is £69.99, but this is a toy that will provide hours of fun, not only building it, but then playing with it after. This is set to be a top toy for Christmas, and we can see why! Jordan can’t wait to get some of the other sets from Santa to go with this one!

You can buy KRE-O online at Amazon, Argos and other leading retailers. You can check out the whole range online at the official KRE-O site http://www.hasbro.com/kre-o/en_gb/

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Roderick Rules. A guide for kids to start their own blog!

To celebtrate the release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Roderick Rules on September 19th 2011, we have been asked to post up a guide for kids who are wanting to start their own blog. After all, its the modern day diary!

We’ve come up with 5 simple steps with some great ideas on how to step out of the stone age away from the classic diaries that you hide under your mattress, and into the 21st century, with the answers and a guide to setting up your own blog.

Step 1
Decide what type of blogger you want to be. This will determine what free sites that you will use to set up your blog. Your options are:
‘Micro Blogging’- You can do this on Twitter! Limited to 140 characters, you have to be witty, quick and precise.
‘Web 2.0 Blogging’- This is the most common form of blogging and there are many sites that offer free online spaces for you to use. Try wordpress.org or blogger.com for quick and easy sign up.
‘V Log’ – A video blog! This one might require a larger amount of time, but it’s a great idea for actor, presenter and model wannabes!

Step 2
Decide your blog name. You want something good, you want something that people will remember, and most importantly, you want something unique. Ihatemybrother, schoolsucks and Girlsaregross are just a few to get your imagination going.

Step 3
Decide on what you want to blog about! Ask yourself why you are creating the blog. Do you want to release your inner emotions to the world? Or do you want to post tips on how to ensure a perfect prank against your older brother? Whatever you decide for your content, it is important that you stick to it and post regularly. I’m sure you don’t like stale food, so why should anyone like a stale blog! Here are some more ideas:

• Ways to get back at your parents for telling you off
• How to deal with homework copying & rules for an easy life
• Short stories you’ve written (perfect for aspiring authors!)
• Favourite fashion trends
• Celebrity crushes
• Favourite Films or video games
• A cringe page featuring the cringiest moments at school or at home
• Favourite youtube videos –here’s mine!

Step 4
In order to be a world class blogger, you need to remember the people that made you famous. What I’m talking about is etiquette. Yes, your Ps & Qs and your ‘Thank You’s’. When people comment on a post that you have made, you need to reply! When they comment saying (which I’m sure they will), ‘Wow! What a great post, I never knew a monkey could feed a baby tiger’, that is an invitation to respond to your blog lovers. Thank them for the comment, let them know you appreciate them visiting your blog. Also, if they follow your blog, it’s only polite to follow theirs back. Soon enough you’ll have a magic circle of bloggers!

Step 5
This step is one of the most important. Remember that what goes online is completely PUBLIC. There is no PRIVACY on the Internet, and because of this, you need to remember not to post your personal details! (this includes your mobile or bbm number)
Because everything online is public, it also means that you have to be very careful what you say…If you want to say you hate your Maths teacher, be prepared for the consequences! Before you post, think about how that person might feel when they read your blog.
Similarly, because there are issues of privacy, you may not want to post about who you have a crush on and how you think so and so has really nice eyes. Just be cautious before you blog!

Follow these steps, you and are guaranteed to have a successful blog that everyone will remember! Some blogs that are really popular can get invited to secret film screenings, get sent free jewellery to review or invited to cool parties!

I hope this inspires some of you to start your own blog, but remember “It’s not a diary, it’s a journal!”

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2:Roderick Rules is available on DVD and Blu-Ray from 19th September 2011.

Here is the official trailer:

Baking with kids – Renshaw Learn to bake with Flossie Crums

My daughter Brooke who has just turned 7, loves to bake and decorate cakes. We find it great fun to bake together and she loves making some fantastic creations that she can eat and share, and I personally find it a great bonding experience.
When I was approached by Renshaw’s who had offered us some new baking goodies, I just couldn’t say no! I knew Brooke would be a good tester for them!

I like to think of myself as a bit of a budding cake baker, and Brooke loves helping out with the messy parts. When she saw the goodies Renshaw’s had sent us, she was delighted and excited at the prospect of pretty cakes! The packaging is pink and very girly, it has illustrations of Flossie Crums, the childrens book character, Brooke couldn’t wait to get started.

The first up to be tried out was Renshaw Magic Melting raspberry flavoured icing. This came in a plastic pot with 400g inside. It is made from concentrated raspberry juice, which always sounds appealing to me, as I would rather natural flavours than manufactured false flavourings for my kids.
We decided to follow the recipe on the back of the pot for Raspberry Fondant Fancies.  It was simply a case of making sponge cake and then cutting it up into squares, then covering them in the icing and popping a little sweet on top.

Here is our sponge squares:

The Magic Melting icing is pretty solid once you open the lid, but you simply pop it into the microwave for 30 seconds, give it a stir and then pop it back for another 20 seconds (our microwave is not the fastest in the world!!) It came out gooey and runny, perfect for pouring over out cakes!

Brooke had loads fo fun pouring the icing on. It came out easily, was very sticky on your hands but very tasty to lick off. It certainly had the fun factor with going from solid to gooey, Brooke loved it. The flavour is quite strong and very sweet, so kids will love these. You don’t need any jam or anything additional to compliment the flavour, so would be great for larger cakes too.
Here she is very proudly showing off her cakes

Next up was Renshaw Funky Flavoured Sugardough.

The pack came with 4 packets of Sugardough inside. There was a brown one (chunky chocolate), a pink one (strawberry tart), a yellow one (lemon sherbet) and an orange one (orange pip). You get 100g of each colour. Yet again the packaging is funky and very girly. with more pink and Flossie Crums illustrated.

There is a recipe to make Spotty Dotty Cupcakes on the back, we decided to do a different design with our icing. The icing is quite hard once you open the packet, you simply have to warm it up in your hands (clean ones of course!!) until soft and then roll onto a surface covered in icing sugar. I personally used a special non stick sheet and didn’t need to use any icing sugar at any point! It was a great texture and didn’t stick to our hands when kneading or shaping. Each one smelt just like its name, the smell was quite strong as soon as I opened the packet. Brooke decieded that we would do heart designs. We used plastic shapes to cut out the pieces. They came away easily and was easy for Brooke to handle without them breaking up.

I did find the chocolate icing to a bit drier than the strawberry one, it didn’t seem to go as soft as the pink, and cracked when we wrapped it around the cakes, but that may well of been us in a hurry and being very keen to get on with the shaping and not enough kneading to get it soft!!
The icing tasted just like their names too, which was great because icing is just normally plain boring flavours. Brooke loved creating her cakes.

We had great fun with Renshaws products, they are perfect for creative kids to let their imaginations run wild in the kitchen. I would recommend them to any parent to have in their cupboard for a rainy day as it would certainly put a smile on any childs face!

You can check out more fabulous ideas for baking with kids, and for yourself too at www.mybakes.co.uk

Renshaw Magic Melting Icing is avaiable in Tesco for £2.15, and the Funky Flavoured Sugardough is also available in Tesco for £2.79.

Brooke turns 7! and wins a Fabulous Birthday Treat!

The lovely ‘Fabulous Bakin’ Boys picked Brooke as the birthday treat of the week! To qualify for this fabulous prize, all I had to do was enter her details at http://www.fabulousbirthdaytreat.co.uk/

All entrants get put in a hat and picked at random, and Brooke was the lucky winner!

As the winner you get a stack of The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys Fruit n’Oat slices for the whole of your childs class to share! As Brooke was on holiday at the time, the Fabulous Bakin’Boys sent them to home where she got to share them out to all her friends! Each Fruit’n’Oat slice contains 1 whole portion of fruit, so it was a great treat that was good for the kids too! The birthday card that they included was really special and Brooke loved it!

Thank you so much The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys, you made Brookes birthday very special!

You can register your childs birthday at http://www.fabulousbirthdaytreat.co.uk/ and they could win a stack of goodies too!

Back to school for the kids! Not back to work for me!

It has been 7 weeks now and I am not afraid to tell you that I am looking forward to the kids going back to school tomorrow!
I made the bold decision to give up work for the duration of the holidays. I wasn’t very happy in my stressful job and had actually handed my notice in, only for my boss to tell me to take the holidays off with my kids and consider it some more.
After much deliberation, me and my hubby both decided that me not going back was the best thing for all of us. It means he gets his washing done, and it means that I get to spend more time with the kids.

The school holidays have been good! We have had loads of fun, but I have really enjoyed spending lots of time just chilling with them playing games, watching DVD’s and reading books. Last summer I went crazy organising something for everyday we had together, but this year it has been much more relaxed, and more enjoyable too!!

Up until last week I didn’t want the kids to go back to school, they are my little stars and I love having them around, but now they are getting a bit bored and started acting up, but after 6 weeks that’s not bad going I think!!

I am expecting some hassle from Jordan, due to his Autism, he finds change of routine and new surroundings hard, and last school year took about 3 months of hell to get him settled, I am hoping (and praying!) we don’t have the same problems!!

So tonight I am ironing their uniforms, packing their bags and making their lunches. Tomorrow I shall take great delight in dropping them off at school and saying ‘byyeee’ and then running back home to watch the 6 weeks worth of soaps recorded on Sky+…..

Schwarzkopf Supersoft Smurfs Kids Range!

A year ago my children didn’t have a clue what Smurfs were, but now they are massive Smurfs fans! It may possibly be because a fast food chain has been giving away the toys with their kids meals, or it may possibly be because of the new film that was released into cinemas on the 10th August, or probably the combination of both!

When we recieved the new Supersoft Kids range created by Schwarzkopf, my children were instantly attracted to the bright coloured bottles and the images of the Smurfs washing in bubbles!

The new Supersoft kids range is available in two different scents, there is Tropical in the orange bottles, and Strawberry and Milk in the red bottles. Both have been designed to have a Intensive Care Vitamin Complex.
We were sent both the Shampoo and Conditioner and the detangling Spray in Tropical scent to try out.

The 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner smelt lovely! Brooke was keen to have it used on her hair, afterall, if its good enough for Smurfs, then it’s good enough for her! It lathered up well, and was easy to rinse out. It has a mild formualtion and Double Anti-Tear Effect meaning less stress at hair washing time, perfect for us parents to deal with! It has a skin friendly PH so its reassuring that it won’t cause any problems with your childrens delicate skin. It left Brookes hair smelling lovely, looking clean, and feelign soft.

To finish off we used the Tropical Supersoft Detangling spray. It smells even better than the shampoo! Brooke has the messiest tangled you will probably ever see, so I was keen to get this on her hair. It sprayed on nicely, there was just the right amount of liquid per squirt. The detangling sprays also benefit from Intensive Care Vitamin Complex and milk formulas to strengthen and care for childrens hair. It helped get Brookes tangles out, and we now use it on her dry hair too before hairbrushing to make it easier to get the comb through.

We have found the new Supersoft Kids range to be great fun for kids but so helpful to us as parents! The RRP of these are just £1.73 each, which I think is a bargain!

The Schwarzkopf Supersoft Kids range is available nationwide, call 0800 328 9214 for stockists.