Bratz Platinum Shimmerz Yasmin Review

We are massive Bratz fans here at The Family Express, my 7 year old duaghter Brooke loves everything Bratz!
We were asked to review the new Bratz Platinum Shimmerz. When it arrived Brooke immediately noticed its gorgeous outfit, very wintery!

There is 3 Bratz in this range, Yasmin, Sasha and Cloe. We were sent Yasmin. Included inside the box was the doll, clothes, shoes, earrings, hairbrush, shimmer powder and a shimmer puff.

So what makes this so shimmery is the magical powder! I cut off the corner of the packet and emptied some into the puff. There is a special little hole where you can pop the powder into straight out of the packet, so not much mess involved. I would say that it is something that has to be done by an adult though as it is a little tricky to get right.

Brooke was then free to shimmer up her Bratz doll, as well as herself! It was a lovely shimmery powder, not too glittery.
As with all the Bratz range, Yasmin has lovely long locks of hair, so there is plenty of styling to be done.

Here is our video review of Bratz Platnium Shimmerz.

The Bratz Platnium Shimmerz would be a great set to buy for a new fan, as you get everything you need. Brooke loves it and it has become part of her collection. The great thing about the Bratz range is that everything is interchangable, so they can wear each others clothes, shoes and other accessories.

You can buy Bratz Platnium Shimmerz from all good toy retailers.

Gift Library Wooden Fire Engine Toy Review


Wooden Fire Engine Toy Review

Gift-Library is different from the usual gift websites, they are a bespoke service who provide select luxury gifts. Browsing through the site is easy, you can search for gifts under category, or even by occasion. I quickly found lots of gorgeous gifts suitable for all the members of my family and me too!

I was asked to pick a gift from Gift-Library, which is a hard task as there is so many gorgeous products to chose from. There is loads of beautiful bespoke gifts to suit every member of your family.
I love these Bespoke Dre Beats Pro Headphones which are encrusted with 3500 Swarovski Crystals, they are simply gorgeous, check out full details here:

I finally decided on a Wooden Fire Engine toy that I knew my son would adore.
I placed my order and it arrived the very next day. I was not expecting the gorgeous wrapping that comes as standard. It really had a special personal touch to it, a big difference than the massive online stores! Untying the gorgeous purple ribbon, the bag opened to reveal matching tissue paper, it really has been lovingly wrapped.

The fire engine toy was exactly what I expected, a good quality traditional wooden toy that will last years despite rough play with my sons!
There is two figures included which are pose-able. The ladder which is attached can be lifted up and down, and you can place the figure inside the box at the top. It is fantastic quality and my son is going to love role playing with it.

The Gift-Library offers a quick service which really has the personal touch, I would happily order through them again for any one of my family and friends, as I know that they would be happy to receive the same service that I have been so impressed with.
Check out their full range of Children’s Gifts, Gifts for Women, and Gifts for Men

Horrid Henry: The Movie review

As a mum to an 8 year old and 6 year old, I was aware that Horrid Henry books existed, but had never been inspired to pick one up and actually read it. Judging by the cover of them, they are about gross things, so not my first choice of reading material!! However my children love them with a passion….
We were sent a copy of the new Horrid Henry: The Movie to review, I was actually quite intrigued to see what it would involve.

So the plot of the film is about a boy called Henry who is Horrid (bet you had already worked that out hey!) Henry is a terror while his younger brother is the good boy who gets all the praise from his parents. You can’t help but feel sorry for Henry as he is shouted at and seems to get into trouble that isn’t always his fault!

Horrid Henry himself is played by Theo Stevenson, and is absolutely brilliant as an actor, to have such talent at such a young age is incredible, I can see him going far in life!!

The plot of the story involves the school Henry attends is being shut down, but there is plenty of twists to the story and Henry has to appear on a TV show to help save the school. The film is packed with plenty of action that the kids will love. Both my 6 year old and 8 year were glued to the film for the entire duration and loved it! It wasn’t to my taste in all honesty, there is one particular part that as a squeamish mummy, I simply couldn’t watch. But I shall let you watch it first to find out what it was!!

Here is the Official Trailer for a sneak peek!

Horrid Henry the movie is the perfect film for children aged 6+ in my opinion, older children would also love it. It is the perfect film to treat the kids to for the Christmas school holidays this year. It is available now on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Blu-Ray 3D.