LEGO Ninjago – Snakes Invade!

This week I had the most fabulous delivery ever! A special box which felt worryingly light. Inside was green tissue paper gently surrounding another box which taunted me with the words ‘Open me….if you dare!’
Being a super brave curious mummy (nosey as hell), I couldn’t resist and opened up the box….

BANG! out exploded 4 cardboard tiny boxes which actually made me scream!

I will admit, I did try and put them back inside the box for Jordan….but they wouldn’t go! He did find it very amusing when I told him what happened though. He was then adamant he wanted to know what the new Snake Ninjago would include so went searching….

Here is what we found on the LEGO site at

” When we last saw the Ninja, they had defeated the Skeleton Army, acquired the four golden weapons and mastered the art of Spinjitzu. They swore to protect the weapons from the evil Lord Garmadon and prevent him from bringing Ninjago to its doom.

Time to take a vacation?

Not a chance! The Ninja must now learn to master their elemental powers, and discover their own personal destinies, all while a mysterious and ancient foe is unleashed on Ninjago – the Serpentines!

The five Serpentine tribes have long been thought to be nothing more than an urban legend. But Lord Garmadon’s son, Lloyd, has escaped from the Boarding School for Bad Boys, eager to step into his father’s dark footsteps and become the evil, criminal mastermind he was always meant to be. In his efforts to become Vile Villain of the Year, he awakens the tribes, one by one, to unite them in one big army to wreak havoc on Ninjago. But can you ever really trust a snake?

As the Serpentines start building their army, the Ninja must also deal with the elusive and razor sharp Samurai X. Is he friend or enemy? Only time will tell…

The Ninja will meet their most dangerous challenges yet, and come face to face with their own weaknesses and strengths, ambitions, and hearts in their quest to bring peace to Ninjago.

Let the adventures begin!”

Here is one of the new LEGO sets which we have discovered online.

The new range looks like a brilliant addition to the already popular LEGO Ninjago sets, as a parent I love that we can add to the range, instead of buying a whole new range, it is bound to relight the love of Ninjago for many fans who have forgotten them at the bottom of the LEGO box!

You can see the full range and buy online at

Unibond – Humidity Absorber Review

Just before Christmas I was sent a Unibond Humidity Absorber to try out. Living in a 4 year old new build house I was pretty sure that we don’t have a damp problem, however I am a firm believe in prevention rather than cure!

Opening up the package I found the following contents…

There is two tablets included, as well as the actual humidity absorber device for them to sit inside.
Putting the device together was simple, you just pop the white vented plastic part on top of the frosted plastic part. You then simply drop a tablet inside the top, then put on the white lid.

Here is what Unibond say about the Humidity absorber

Everyday activities such as cooking and taking a shower can produce up to 12 litres of unwanted moisture or humidity in the air each day. Moisture then condenses in areas with poor air circulation, and can cause condensation, mould, increased allergens in the air, and musty-smelling rooms.UniBond’s Humidity Absorber helps combat the effects of unwanted moisture. Its Power Tab refills use innovative 2in1 technology to absorb excess humidity and neutralise bad odours. Place the refill into the device and watch as excess humidity is converted into a salty solution, which is collected in the device – the first drops appear within 24 hours! When the Power Tab refill has dissolved after 6-8 weeks, simply pour the solution into a toilet by using the device’s spout, and replace the Power Tab with the UniBond Humidity Absorber Large Refill.
This device is ideal for rooms that are up to 20m2, such as kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. The anti-spill system prevents spills and leaks, and it has a security clip to ensure that it closes perfectly; allowing you to place this device around your home in the confidence that excess humidity will remain trapped in the device until you pour it away.
Don’t let your house become a sponge. Use one of UniBond’s new Humidity Absorbers to combat excess humidity and neutralise odours.
• Absorbs excess humidity and neutralises odours. • Helps combat condensation, mould and mildew, damp rooms, and allergens in the air. • Ideal for use in larger rooms of up to 20m2, such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, and rooms with poor air circulation (e.g. cellars, garages, lofts etc). • Each 2in1 Power Tab lasts for 6-8 weeks. When it has fully dissolved, replace with the UniBond Humidity Absorber Large Refill. • Includes: 1 x Device and 2 x 450g Power Tab 2in1 refills.

Our house is quite open plan, but I placed our Humidity Absorber in the Living Room. When I woke up the next day I was shocked to see blue liquid in the bottom of the Humidity Absorber! There clearly is moisture in our house which I didn’t even realise!

Here is what the liquid looks like:

Check out Unibond official site at, it’s a real eye opener!! Prevention is most definitely better than cure!!

You can buy Unibond Humidity Absorbers from Robert Dyas online at

Sudocrem Mummy Matters week 2012

Sudcocrem are dedicated to providing advice to mums and mums to be, with advice and help. Every day between Monday 9th January 2012 and Friday 13th January 2012 a team of the UK’s leading lifestyle experts will be sharing need to know advice on a range of subjects as well as answering direct questions from the Sudocrem Facebook community.

Each day will host a different expert, who will share around 20 key pieces of advice and answering questions on their subject throughout their allotted day.

Sudocrem would love for all Mums to join the Sudocrem Facebook community ( and get involved by asking questions directly to the experts.
Monday 9th January 2012 – Jennifer Liston-Smith (Executive & Maternity Coach)
Tuesday 10th January 2012 – Claire Wylde (Dietician)
Wednesday 11th January 2012 – Jo Barnard (Careers Advisor)
Thursday 12th January 2012 – Wendy Powell (Pre & Post Natal Fitness Expert)
Friday 13th January 2012 – Beth Goodrham (Personal Stylist)

All you have to do to be part of this amazing oppourtunity is pop over to the Sudocrem Facebook page! It really is as simple as that! Simply visit and join in this fabulous experience.

Sudocrem is the nation’s favourite nappy rash cream. Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream was created almost 80 years ago and has been used by millions of mums, dads and healthcare professionals ever since to treat the sore skin caused by nappy rash.
Sudocrem is clinically proven to help by soothing, healing and protecting your baby’s delicate skin. Browse our site to find out more.
Did you know that Sudocrem is not just a nappy rash cream? It can also be used to treat cuts and grazes, sunburn, minor burns, acne and bedsores. It’s a very useful pot to have around! It’s great for nappy rash.