Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked Sand Art Blackpool

To celebrate Alvin and the Chipmunks brand new film which gets released this coming Monday, a massive sand art has been created on Blackpool Beach on 29th March 2012.

Created with a Sand Art Expert, they teamed up with local school children and gave them a masterclass in Sand Art and created this….

The sand art drawing is of Alvin and is around 165 feet and has been drawn in a way that can be seen from the beach opposed to having to go in a helicopter to see it!

Isn’t is fabulous???! 

Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked is out on dvd on Monday 2nd April 2012. 


It was only a few months ago that I was one of the handful of people lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the new LEGOLAND Hotel, you can read all about here:

Last weekend was the official opening, and the lovely people at LEGOLAND invited us to attend the night before to see the end result. Even as we drove up to the hotel it looked totally amazing! My 3 children were instantly excited at the sight!!

We parked up and made our way over the zebra crossing towards the entrance..

At the entrance we were welcomed by Pink Brick!

Inside the reception we were confronted with oodles of LEGO! It is a totally amazing sight which really you have to see in person, I captured as much as I could but there is so much to see, everywhere you look there is LEGO.

At the reception we were greeted by some lovely staff who gave us our keys and explained everything. From the time of check in you can obtain tickets to go straight into the park. There is concierge available to take your bags to your room for you so you don’t have to worry about dragging them upstairs. I think this is a brilliant idea if you have young children as the last thing you need to do is juggle luggage and hold their hands!
We decided to go straight up to our room to explore where we would be staying. Getting into the lift the LEGO theme continues…

We were staying on the 4th Floor and when the lift pinged to say we had arrived, we were confronted with some brilliant theming!

We were staying in a themed room, but it was not a premium themed room. But it was stunning all the same!

Every little detail had been catered and it is truly stunning! This is the kids room which is attached to the main room. It still gives them some great privacy but allowing parents to keep an ear on them. There is a flat screen tv in both the childrens rooms and the main bedroom. There is LEGO models in all the rooms and the children spent a good hour wandering the room exploring everything!

Us adults even had a little treat left on our bed!

Inside the bathroom was not only fluffy white towels and complimentary toiletries, but also amazing detail to make it so child friendly. The toilet seat had a childs seat built in

and their is two showers, one at child size height.

There is plenty of activities available within the hotel, and even a fun game for the children inside your room. The first thing you see when you walk in is a gorgeous LEGO monkey which sits on top of a locked box!
Marky took a massive shine to the monkey and kept hugging him!

To open the chest you have to complete the fun LEGO sheet and answer some questions relating to different items around the room…when you have all the numbers you put them into the number combination…if you get it right the chest opens and you get the LEGO goodies from inside it! (This is all included in the price).

Going down to have dinner at Bricks Family Restaurant, I was really looking forward to seeing how the whole floor had changed since my last visit! It looked totally amazing!

We managed to get the kids to come and have dinner first before playing, but with this as the sight greeting you it wasn’t hard…

Greeted by friendly staff, we found the table cloth was even child friendly, they can colour it in!

 The whole restaurant was totally stunning, with LEGO models all over the walls, as well as some moving giant models!

Dinner is a buffet style event, and you simply go up when you are ready to pick whatever you like. Inside the middle is a childrens station which is the perfect child height. Filled with healthy food along with some treat foods, I think the balance was perfect. Mark especially loved the yorkshire puddings filled with mash and a sausage!

But there is plenty for adults too. There was pasta, salmon, beef carvery, chicken rotisserie, and lots lots more….including LEGO fries!

In the evening there was entertainment which is provided on the stage in front of the childrens play centre. There is two rooms available for the children to play, one up the top of the play centre..and one down the bottom which was filled with DUPLO for the younger children. Each room has its very own LEGO Racers track for you to build and test your cars! There was loads of LEGO available in each room so luckily there was no squabbling over LEGO amongst the children.
We didn’t stay up late but we did have a little drink at the Skyline Bar which overlooks the childrens play centre

Upstairs in the room there is wi-fi access available (at extra cost) as well loads of films and tv channels, we managed to get the children in bed relatively early to get a good sleep so we could get to breakfast nice and early.

Breakfast again was a buffet style with chefs on hand to cook you the perfect egg, as well as keep the pancakes stocked up! Between us we sampled waffles, pancakes, pastries, cooked breakfast, toast and cereal! It was totally delicious and the helpful staff were on hand to carry things to your table for you.
We got to sit in a different part of the restaurant and there was yet more LEGO models to admire!

After breakfast we packed up our stuff and checked out of our room. Reception were really helpful and offered to hold our bags in their secure service until the end of the day.

LEGOLAND opens a whole hour earlier for their hotel guests, which is a great opportunity to get to go on any of the rides you want without a queue. The children went on the dragon rollercoaster 3 times and was super chuffed to get to sit at the front!

We had a brilliant day at the park and teamed with the hotel stay, it was the ultimate weekend treat for the children.

The LEGOLAND Windsor hotel is an amazing hotel, they really have thought of every little details. I have fitted in as much as I could, but trust me when I say there is so much more to the hotel than this review, you really have to see it to believe it!

Check out more details online and book online for your stay at

Marshmallow Crossbow Review

When an email popped through to me about a Marshmallow gun I immediately started imagining myself dressed as rambo firing marshmallows at anyone and everyone.

It arrived in a slimline box and opening it it looked daunting, assembly is not my strong point. However all you have to is pop the long bits into the side of the gun to create the crossbow, then simply attach the string…it took no more than 30 seconds, even for me!!

To use the crossbow all you do is pop a marshmallow in, and then twist the red bit.  Then simply pull the knob on the back. Then it’s ready to shoot a marshmallow at whoever and whatever you like!
Here is a video demo!

I needed a willing target so I started shooting at my two children, I will point out they are 7 and 9, not toddlers. They were happy to be on the receiving end of a marshmallow firing at them, maybe I should feed them more….or maybe they just really love marshmallows? Either way they adore my new weapon and have been pestering me to shoot them more and more!
The fun for me didn’t just stop there, I decided to surprise my hubby when he got in from work. With a picture of a ninja in my mind now, I decided to hide behind the sofa. Unfortunately for me he had decided to get petrol on the way home so I was left pretending to be a ninja for 15 minutes longer than I anticipated. I can truly say that it was worth every second when he walked in that door, stuck his head round the door frame into the lounge to say hello….and BAM! a marshmallow fired  straight at him and hit him on the nose. I was in hysterics for a good hour afterwards, it still gives me the giggles now just thinking about it.

This is a brilliant toy, I am sure children would have plenty of fun with this, but adults will equally love it. It has created many hours of fun in our house, and I am sure there is many more hours of entertainment to come!
Firing Marshallows up to 30 feet at your family and friends, what more could you possibly want?? Release your inner child and  get a Marshamallow Crossbow!
You can buy the Marshamallow Crossbow and other Marshmallow guns online at   and amazon.