My Organisational skills need improving!

I like to think I am quite an organised person, in fact I pride myself on my top quality organising skills. Everything has a home in my house, that is except for paperwork. Paperwork is the bane of my life, or as I like to call it – organised mess. I have random piles of papers lying around the house, they have far exceeded the in tray and out tray that I bought with all the best intentions in the world. Everyday the postman arrives with yet another pile of paperwork. There is bills for gas and electric, statements for loans and bank accounts, you name it I guarantee it drops onto my doormat. It all gets opened and then put in a pile. These piles are then left randomly wherever I can find space.

I would love to have the luxury of a home office, but that is not going to happen until we move house, so for now I need to get this sorted with minimal effort, space and money! My helpful husband suggested a filing cabinet, which while a really good practical solution, it would also be very ugly in my front room. I need something that can be left in our family room which is home to my works computer but also something that isn’t ugly on the eye, call me silly but it has to be in keeping with décor. I have searched and searched for something suitable and finally I think I have the perfect solution! A sideboard! Now stop imagining something from the 70’s, think black glass and chrome. It is in perfect keeping with my husbands beloved television and surround sound. Now obviously it doesn’t have the benefit of A-Z little folders inside, but I have come up with a plan…I am a woman with a plan, and a really good one at that!
There is 6 drawers in this sideboard, which means one for household bills, one for husbands letters, one for my letters, one for the children’s letters/appointments, and one for my work stuff once it need filing away. That leaves one drawer for the bits that have no other proper home, such as takeaway menus! Now all I have to do is assemble said sideboard and get cracking on sorting those random piles of paper into their new homes.

I will be organised before the end of the month, watch this space!

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Celebrating Fathers Day In A Different Way

Celebrating Father’s day in a different way
The approach of Father’s Day might seem daunting. How do you make him feel special without breaking the budget? Here are some ideas for Father’s Day that won’t leave you feeling short and will guarantee to create some family memories.
First things first, the Fathers Day card: Thanks to email and social networks, communication nowadays is fast, free and always available. With Father’s Day cards, the message is special because it lasts. Just think, what do you do when you receive a card? You put it up and display it somewhere, either at home or in the office.
But what if you don’t have the time or the artistic talents to create your own greetings cards? Send professional personalised cards instead. With companies like Hallmark, you can choose the image and the message and create the Fathers Day card he has never received before. You can even re-write the text on the front of the card and upload your own photos. It is quick and easy, and they have many designs to choose from.
For extra convenience, surprise someone in their inbox with an ecard. Ecards can be everything but casual. You can choose from hundreds of ecard designs, collages and even slideshows. Add your own photos, videos, words and music and then email or post to Facebook for free, all with the click of a mouse. 
When it comes to gifts, the only thing you have to spend is time. The least expensive gifts can be the best if they are personalised. Give him sweets or small gifts related to his hobbies and decorate them by printing Father’s Day theme packaging and labels from the internet. 
You could also make a Fathers Day bouquet out of sweets. Using sturdy chocolate or sweet box packaging for the base, put decorative paper around the edge and arrange sweet and chocolate bars as you would a flower arrangement. You can create decorative candy bows by fastening sweet packets into bows using elastic bands in the middle.
A framed photo of your children holding up a sign saying ‘Dad we love you’ speaks volumes. Your children can customize the final piece by using their hands, shoes, feet and fingers to print a decorative border around the photo, making it truly original.  This is one tradition that works best if you do it every year. Imagine, Dad can have an entire album of his children growing up.
On the day, plan a trip in his honour that the whole family can enjoy and participate in together.  Making a meal, having a barbecue or a picnic in the park together will make the day special and won’t cost the earth.
Most importantly, let Dad do nothing and give him some time off! Create a Daddy ‘cheque book’ of vouchers granting him time off from his different chores around the house. You can search the internet for printables, staple the cheque book together, and have your children decorate it.
If you make the effort, you can make this Fathers Day the best yet.
Guest Post by Hallmark. 

Spoiling Baby Is Not A Crime

Spoiling baby is not a crime
When your little one finally arrives, there is nothing you want to do more than lavish him or her with the best of everything. You’d just die to dress this mini version of yourself in the finest clothing, while toting your adorable tot around in a top-of-line pushchair, after waking from the most expensive cot that you could find.
And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do just that.
Spoiling your baby isn’t something to be ashamed of; in fact, it’s something that you should do. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to empty your bank account to find the best baby gear. Here’s how to find high-priced baby items on a low budget.
The best baby brands: where to begin your search
Kids grow up fast. While this thought may make you a little misty-eyed and overly sentimental as a parent, it is good news for the bargain shopper. This is because you can find nice, quality clothing for your child by shopping second hand. Chances are, the family that owned these clothes or baby furniture before only used them once or twice before their own children had outgrown them, meaning that you can get them slightly used and deeply discounted. The key to getting designer apparel for your tot without paying a designer price is to take advantage of thrift store offerings in very posh neighbourhoods. 
However, shopping second-hand is only one way to score designer children’s clothing for less. You could also shop retail by keeping a close eye on coupons. This may not yield as many savings as shopping at a thrift store, but it is a good way to find designer versions of the items that you will use for more than a few months, such as strollers and nappy bags. The best way to find the biggest discounts is by shopping online, using sites such as Achica Living. And no matter where you’re buying, make sure to check the web site’s coupon codes before checking out.
While you’re browsing the web, don’t forget to popular listing sites like eBay and Gumtree where you’ll have access to thousands of other UK residents selling their belongings. You may even find some brand new items on these sites for a reasonable price. The key to finding the best items for your baby online is to research each seller before making a purchase. Good signs of a trustworthy seller include positive feedback from previous buyers, high-quality photos of each item that he or she is selling, and detailed product descriptions.
Whether it’s a new stroller or baby shoes, you can make sure that your child is well-dressed and accessorised with the best brands. In order to find them at affordable prices, however, you’ll have to stray outside of the traditional ways that you shop for your child. Your search could be well worth the effort, however, when you discover that you have more money to invest where it really counts.
Guest Post by Achica Living. 

Easter at Poundworld, Great Products on a Budget!

Easter is almost upon us and the shops are filling up with goodies, but Poundworld have an amazing range of Easter goodies which will keep your children happy in the Easter holidays.
We sent a few pieces from their extensive range to try out. We were sent a selection of a few of their items available. Each item is just £1!

First up was the Fluffy Pink Ears!

The ears are great quality and really well made, Brooke loves them! The picture doesn’t do them justice, they have sequins inside the fur ears, very very cute!

Brooke then decided to open the Easter Poster Art Set. Included inside this pack is 8 colourful paints, a paintbrush, and 4 pictures to paint. The paper is thicker than your average paper, so the paint won’t soak through.

Jordan decided to open up ‘Make your own Easter Cards’. This set has included: 6 cards, 6 envelopes, 6 toppers, and assorted decorative embellishments. Jordan loved creating cards to send to all the family and what a fantastic way to keep him amused! All for just £1.

Finally Brooke decided to decorate an Easter bonnet, the Easter bonnet is available to buy for £1, and you can also buy a decorating pack so their imaginations can run wild! Brooke decided that the pack of little chicks ( pack of 12 for £1) would look great around the rim…

Despite spending a good few hours with our easter goodies, we still have loads left to use. These are just a few of the fabulous Easter products Poundworld have available, so why not pop over to to find your nearest store and treat your children to a few Easter treats to keep them amused this Easter Holiday!