Flair Paper FX Review

Brooke is a big craft lover, so when Flair asked if we wanted to review their brand new Paper FX we jumped at the chance.

This set is suitable for age 7 plus, Brooke is nearly 8 and this appealed to her massively. Looking at the pictures on the box, there is loads of possibilities of different things to make and do.
Being as we live in England, we didn’t have to wait very long for a rainy day before we could sit inside and keep amused.
Opening up the set I was worried there would be loads of parts, but it was really straight forward. The instruction booklet that comes with it explained every step in detail.

There is a paper tearer where you pop any paper inside and the tear using the device, this ensures an even tear line. There is then a creaser, which puts the creases in the paper strips that you have just torn, this ensures you can fold the strips perfectly straight. You then glue each strips sections together with the glue provided.

Then it’s simply a case of putting all the strips onto the weaver. You are then ready to weave your paper!

There is a couple of things I love about this set, one is that the possibilities for imagination is endless, you can create anything out of the weaved paper, from bags, coasters, photo frames, absolutely anything! The other is that it gives us something to do with all the pieces of scrap paper and old magazines which the children have finished with. They can recycle them into something new. This is an activity that can keep your child amused for hours, and we are still having fun weaving and haven’t even made ours into anything yet, I shall keep you posted what we create.

The RRP is £19.99 which is really reasonable in my opinion, as it’s something you can use time and time again. I can see this being popular not only with my young girls, but bigger ones too, it would not be too young for teens. You can it online or from all good toy shops.

LEGO Team GB Special Edition Minifigures

As you all know my 9 year old son is obsessed with LEGO, so I had to share this information that LEGO fan will love! (although sorry mums, they might be pestering for their pocket money early!)

 With less than 25 days to go until the UK’s biggest sporting event of the century, for the first time in history LEGO has launched a special edition range of Team GB Minifigures. The collectible range will only be available in the UK to commemorate this once in a lifetime event for the nation. At just £1.99 each, the Team GB LEGO Minifigures are available from John Lewis and other good high street retailers.
 My son is going to be ecstatic when he sees the picture later today, and no doubt that’s where this weeks pocket money will be going!

4M Paint Your Own Mini Plates Review

Great Gizmos recently sent us one of their 4M Girls Craft Kit to test out with Brooke. Our kit was ‘Paint your own mini plates’.
Opening up the box was the following contents:

Set of 4 Paints.
3 Mini Plates
3 Plate Holder.

Brooke loved the look of the very cute mini plates, and couldn’t wait to get started. She decided rather optimistically she wanted to draw a heart on one with the red paint, however when it didn’t go to plan she decided to change it to a flower.

Brooke has great fun playing with this set, it really fired up her imagination. She has however requested some thinner paint brushes before she does the other two that come included in the pack. She also requested glitter, which is a great suggestion as it has really got her imagination going! Apparently Nanny is having one for her birthday…
Meanwhile Brookes plate is sat pride of place on her windowsill.

I love the set, Brooke loves the set, and I think this is perfect for keeping the kids amused for a few hours in the holidays, or even at weekends. As there is 3 plates included, it would be great if you have more than one child, as they each get their very own little plate.

This set has a RRP of £4.99 which is great. There is other products in the range which also includes Design Your Own Jigsaw.