Guest Post: Party bag fillers that won’t rot the kids’ teeth

Party bag fillers that won’t rot the kids’ teeth

Party bags. You could easily leave them off the party preparation to-do list, but the fact is that they are an important part of hosting a kids’ party. It says a big thank you to guests for being part of the celebrations and for bringing a gift, and thus encourages your child to remember manners when they might be getting a bit carried away by being the centre of attention.
But there is a lot to consider – while the temptation can be to throw a few handfuls of sweets into a bag, remember that some kids aren’t allowed processed sugars, others might be allergic to certain kinds of sweets or food colours, and some parents may have strict rules about sugary treats with lots of preservatives.
So let’s look at some different ideas for party bag fillers that won’t show up on the dentist’s chair:
[photo by canopic]
Balloon animals
To keep the party going with some crafty fun, you can make up small packs of modelling balloons. Print off instructions for simple things to twist into animals – it’s a simple (and cost-effective!) bag stuffer that the other parents will thank you for.
Activity book
Depending on age, you might want to throw in a small colouring book, or a word puzzle book. Again, these don’t cost the earth and are engaging the recipient’s imagination rather than their taste buds.
These can either be bought or made (if you have a kit at home) – depending on the amount of time you have to prepare, you could make up specialised badges, just for the occasion. If not, there are plenty to choose from toy shops and online.
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Temporary tattoos
A consistent favourite, the temporary tattoo is available in multiple packs that can be divvied up so every child has a few.
Joke card
Something easy you can do at home is make a joke card – a different joke for each child, and print it off on colourful paper.
Home-made treat
A rocky road, mini-cupcake or a coconut rough is an easy treat to make at home, and has the added benefit of you knowing exactly what ingredients went into it if anyone needs to know. If you are aware of different dietary requirements, you can always mark the child’s name on the front of the bag to avoid giving, say, a cupcake to a gluten-free child.
Kids and parents alike will appreciate a different, more thoughtful approach to party bags – a personal touch will make your child’s party bag stand out.
Written by Vivienne Egan. For more ideas on party bag fillers visit Yellow Moon.