AEG Ergorapido 2 in 1 review

Wrote by Blog by Baby: Just a few weeks ago I found I was one of ten lucky people who would get test out the AEG Ergorapido 2 in 1. Now I actually had no expectations for this, other than it was a hoover. When the box arrived, I was pleased to see how small and light the box was, surely this is a good sign for what the contents could include.. Opening up the box I found it required minimal assembly, and you simply just slot the top part of the cleaner onto the bottom. The base just needs the back rest clicked in, and you plug the power lead in. It is then ready to be charged. We were sent the Watermelon Red, but they are available in a variety of colours including blue, green, brown, black, aqua and purple! A colour for every house… The Ergorapido simply clips onto the base to charge. There is no extra plugs or leads. The Ergorapido has a lithium battery, so all you need to slot it on the base to charge it up, from full charge you get 30 minutes hoovering time, impressive. This means that you can remove the Ergorapido easily and quickly to clean up whatever it is you need to clean, you then simply slot it back onto the base when you are done. It is so light in weight that you can do this one handed, even me at 7 months pregnant. The weight of the Ergorapido is just 2.4kg. To turn the Ergorapido on, you simply press the button, this starts the device, but you can press it again to vary the speed of the suction. The Ergorapido is easy to push along the floor, it feels light to push and I can do this one handed easily too. BUT and there is a massive but, that’s not just it….inside the Ergorapido is a mini Ergorapido in the middle which you can pop out just by pressing the buttons on the side. This is amazing for quickly grabbing and hoovering up the kids mess in a hurry, especially cake crumbs before it gets trampled into the carpet with their hoofs. It then pushes back into the main unit. To empty the Ergorapido, it has bagless technology, which means you simply open it up with a press of the button, empty it direct into the bin, pop it back together, and it’s ready to go again. I have found it holds quite a fair bit despite the small size of the casing, I have 3 messy kids and a messier hubby and I can hoover my whole house a couple of times before emptying it. So how does it perform? As mentioned, I have 3 messy children and we have cream carpets downstairs, it has done an amazing job at picking up everything it has needed to. It has BRUSHROLLCLEAN technology, which is a handy button on the bottom of the head of the hoover. It means that the hairs and fibres which get stuck in the brushes simply get blitzed by pressing the button. I have super long hair and my annoyance with standard hoovers is that it takes me an age to clean the hoover head…but no more! It works well on my lino floor, laminate and even my tiled floor. It is easy to move around, and has 180 degree nozzle rotation, which means it directs around furniture easily, getting to all those tricky places. The LED lights on the front of the hoover are also incredibly handy. I wondered why they were there, but since having them on there I would miss them now! It means I can hoover behind the doors, under the sofa and it even helps highlight the crumbs in the kitchen. So what about a downside? Well I honestly cannot find any, it does everything I need it to. I wouldn’t be without my Ergorapido now, it is light, easy to use, available in just seconds and I love it, it is a welcome addition to our household! You can find out more about AEG by following them on Facebook here: Or by following @AEG_UK on Twitter. The AEG Ergorapido is available to buy from all good electrical retailers, including Currys, The Cooperative, Comet, and John Lewis.   We were sent a AEG Ergorapido free of charge to review, but all thoughts are my own.

AEG Ergorapido has arrived! #LoveErgorapido!

Over at (my other blog)just last week I found out that I would be one of ten lucky people to test out the new AEG Ergorapido. ‘A what?’ I hear you say, well let me introduce to you, the Ergorapido! The Ergorapido 2 in 1 is a stick cleaner which is bursting with fancy features to make life more easier. I shall be putting our Ergorapido through it’s paces over the next few weeks, showing you in detail the features of it, but until then here is the assembly videos showing how easy it is to put together and start hoovering! So far, so good! I am very impressed!