Top 3 Superheroes For Fancy Dress

A great way to add fun to any party is to add a fancy dress theme, and these days there is no escaping one particular dressing up favourite. Superheroes have risen to prominence in all aspects of culture, with massive blockbuster films like The Avengers and The Dark Knight ushering in a new age of geek dominance. Just take a look at George at ASDA’s fancy dress range to see the huge choice of dress up available to choose from at great prices and see how big superheroes have become. But what are the best characters? While it may be slightly cool to know and follow lesser-known characters, having no one recognise your costume is no fun, so here are the best options to keep you identifiable and show off your great taste in costumed adventurers!
Everyone knows of the X-Men but not everyone knows all the X-Men. Iceman was one of the first five to be recruited to Charles Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters and receive training to use his chilly mutation to become a superhero. His costume has been all sorts from his conception to present day, from standard issue X-emblazoned jumpsuit to leather jacket and jeans. This one ticks the dressing up fun box of painting yourself a new colour too. Paint yourself an icy shade of blue, gel your hair all spiky and you can be Bobby Drake – The Iceman, with ease!
He may be over-exposed, but what true comic book fans know is that it’s for a very good reason. Very few other characters boast the amazing library of stories that Batman does and his presence in pop culture is rock solid. Due to his mass appeal, Batman crops up all over the place, with incarnations suitable for all ages and therefore this is a fancy dress costume for all occasions. The caped crusader has many looks from brooding gravel-voice Dark Knight style to Adam West super-light-hearted adventurer and there are costumes to match any of these.
So you want to be an Avenger for your superhero party? An Iron Man costume will look more like underwhelming-cotton-man, you don’t fancy getting all painted up for Hulk, Captain America is a bit lame and Thor has too much hair? Only one man on this team is a super badass spy who needs nothing but a bow and arrow and a leather vest to fight off an alien invasion. This conveniently also makes him quite easy to dress as and his fame has skyrocketed since appearing alongside his super-powered friends in The Avengers.

These are just a few of the huge roster of superheroes there are to choose from to dress up as to make any occasion that much more memorable. Comic books and graphic novels offer some incredible stories and brilliant art but when it’s time to party their best feature is providing some awesome characters with cool costumes to dress up as while you have a fun filled night!

5 Places To Spend Quality Family Time On The Weekend

As a working mother of four beautiful children, my weekends are precious family time. During the week there is little time to relax and enjoy each others company, it is a mad whirl of school runs, work and housework. As Friday approaches there is always a happy feel, and I really try to get the kids out and about every weekend. It doesn’t have to be for expensive days out, I am a firm believer that some of the best memories come from the simple things. 

1. A trip to the park. I love exploring new parks with the children, our local park is pretty good but there is always something more exciting about visiting a new one. The children love finding new equipment, trying it out, and I love that  I can join in and revert back to being a child. Best of all, it’s free! Take a look at local villages and towns, you might be surprised. 

2. Swimming. In the summer there is nothing better than visiting the outdoor splash parks. In winter I have found it great to visit the local indoor pools. There is normally a fun session at weekends, and the average price for a family ticket is only about £10. It wears the children out lovely. 

3. A weekend away. As the ultimate treat UK holiday parks are great for a weekend break, it’s a real chance to escape the everyday life of domestic chores. You get to eat out, not look at the washing pile and even treat the children to some night time entertainment which hopefully tires them out and gives you a lay in. A lot of the UK holiday parks are near beaches too, so there is plenty of exploring to be done. 

4. The Zoo. I find the winter months even better for a trip to the zoo, summer time always seems too hot. During the summer I find the animals are hiding from the sun whereas in the winter they seem to come out and embrace the weather. Simply wrap the kids up in waterproofs, and off you go. There is lots of activities put on during different seasons by the zoo’s, so check the website of the one you plan to visit beforehand. 

5. Steam Train rides. A visit to the local railway museum can be very exciting, especially if you get to ride on an actual train. Take a look at local ones, there is events happening all year round, with santa visits and Thomas the Tank Engine rides too. Some other railway centres also have additional features such as a miniature railway too. 

What’s your favourite weekend activity?