Christmas is finally over!

Christmas is finally over, the decorations have been lovingly packed away in their boxes, and I can look back with fond memories. This Christmas was pretty special, my toddler was really excited this year about Santa coming down the chimney, It was such a delight to have him so engrossed in Christmas. It was also my babies 1st Christmas, she was only a mere 13 days old, but it was so special to have her here for a proper family Christmas.

The kids were all pleased with their presents. I had spent Santa had spent a great amount of time choosing the perfect presents. My children were quite low maintenance with their Christmas lists, with my 10 year old saying he didn’t have anything he really wanted. He opened up a new HD television for his Xbox and Skylanders Giants. He was very chuffed! My daughter got a Cabbage Patch Doll, which bought back fond memories from when I was a child. My toddler got the Octonauts Gup X he had spent months hoping he would get. My husband wanted a Kindle, but he lacks time to actually sit down and read, so I got him a new mp3 player so he can listen to some mp3 audio books instead. I got a gorgeous Tunnocks teacake mug, which is very appropriate for me, as I am a bit of a teacake addict!

When it came to presents for my parents, it was tricky knowing what to get them. They have everything they could possibly want, and if they ever want anything then they go out and buy it. I don’t want to spend time and effort buying them a present that never gets used, or that they feel they have to use just to please me. With this all in mind I thought a voucher for their favourite restaurant would be good, but instead I went with personalised handmade mugs with their names on. They were a hit, and rather strangely my sister bought them a teapot with my nieces footprints on, not bad considering we didn’t even discuss it beforehand!

Did you get any amazing presents or perhaps you gave an amazing gift? I would love to hear about it!

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