Dreaming of Disney World Florida….

A few months ago, I had this sudden light bulb moment that maybe a trip to Disney Land Paris would be a good idea. I started looking at reviews, and quite frankly it started to appeal to me less and less. But then I had a ridiculous thought that maybe, just maybe I should have a sneaky look at Disney World Florida….

Now I knew it was going to be expensive, but as I am a bit of a gluten for expensive taste, I am a splurger, I like expensive things, I didn’t let this put me off. I joined some Facebook groups for British people wanting to visit, and I have been amazed just how cheap the amazing dream of DisneyWorld actually can be. But did I want a cheap holiday of a lifetime? No, I want to have an amazing holiday where I can enjoy it and not worry about money, but at the same time try and bag myself a huge bargain without compromising the quality.

So mentioning the thought of Florida to my sister, she decides she wants to go, and of course she has a man and a child. A family holiday, never done one of those before! Then my mother decides that she would love to go too…so far we have quite a clan going. Which is cool, and means a bigger villa will be even cheaper if we split the cost. Looking at accommodation, I found that many of the properties out in Orlando are owned by Brits who use it as a source of income, many are on gated developments that are purchased purely for renting to tourists. These are SO reasonable in prices.

But then I opened up a Disney World brochure and saw the amazing hotels, and the Art of Animation looked amazing! It is everything my kids (and me!) would dream for, but the price was still way too high for my liking. It is literally a case of it costing more to stay there than it would for our flights! So I went back to the villa idea, and that is where I sticking at the moment. I seem to have been taken down a bug, a Disney planning bug. My spare time has been dedicated to reading peoples trip reports, searching prices and even looking up the best places to eat. So I decided I am going to start blogging right here, share my daily findings, my plan, my savings and hopefully someone else might benefit from it too.

So my current plan is 2019, dates have been a huge stumbling block as my son is due to start his GCSEs, and there is no way I can take him out on his last year of school. I thought July would be good, as his exams will be over, but I have read that July is the WORST time to go. This is peak season for American school holidays, the heat is at its worst too. I just don’t think this is a sensible decision to make, but I am waiting to speak to my sister to get her thoughts. September was my next thought, but my eldest starts college for the first time, and there is no way I would stop that as I believe those first few weeks will be vital for him to find his feet with others in a similar position. So my current plan is October, to coincide with the half term holidays.

So where do you start planning a holiday? I have come to the conclusion that villas should be the first thing. As flights are not released for sale until 11 months before travelling, and even then you shouldn’t buy them straight away as they go down in price. I have a fair bit of time to be able to work out when the best prices are so stay tuned for a blog post on my findings.

Oh and I have started saving… this beauty was in Clintons for £5.99. It’s ceramic and has no stopper, so it’s a serious savings pot that I hope I won’t smash before I have to change it up for dollars! *keep everything crossed*

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