Getting Organised for School Days

The school years are an exciting time for any child, but they can also be stressful with the heavy course loads and after-school activities that many children take on. As a parent, you can help make life easier by creating an environment at home that is well-organised and conducive to study.

Set Aside a Special School Area
Pick an area in your home that can function as your child’s school zone. This could be a corner of your own office or a special desk in the child’s bedroom. Let your child help you decorate it with bright school name tagsto make it a special, personal space. Stock the area with all of the school supplies that they will need to complete homework assignments and sit down to focus on schoolwork without outside distractions. It’s also a good idea to designate a portion of the kitchen counter or other public area to organise school papers that you will need to sign. Arrange to meet with your child at this spot each day to review any items that they need to discuss with you.

Keep Book Bag Organised
Start the day by going through the child’s book bag together to make sure that they have everything they need. This could include course materials for the day, special art supplies, permission slips, and school assignments. Purchase special folders to keep homework organised within the bag, or you’ll end up with a sack full of crumpled papers.

Create a Daily Routine
At school, your child most likely adheres to a regular routine. This could include daily course schedules, monthly calendars of special events, and break schedules. Children thrive when given a steady routine. Lay out clothes together each night that have been marked with name labels for clothes with Mynametags, and stick to a firm bedtime each evening. Morning routines could include making lunch, making the bed, and eating breakfast together.
Your child’s primary school years are an important time for learning and socialisation. With a little bit of organisation at home, your child will not only feel less anxiety but will be able to complete all their tasks in a timely manner. 

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