Guest Post: Historic days out for the whole family

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a great family day out. The UK has a wide range of attractions suitable for all ages.
Historical days out can be educational as well as enjoyable and there’s so many interesting places you can head to. Here you’ll find a selection of the best country houses, castles and museums in the country.
  1. Knole
The 1,000 acre Knole Tudor house is one of the most popular attractions in the UK. Featuring a medieval deer park, the house was once owned by Elizabeth I. She gave the house to Thomas Sackville, her cousin, in 1566 and it’s been in the family ever since. The famous ‘Orlando’ novel written by Virginia Woolf is actually based upon the Sackville family.
The kids will love seeing the graceful deer grazing around the property. Meanwhile inside there’s a great collection of Royal Stuart furniture, as well as paintings from artists such as Van Dyke and Gainsborough. This is a great attraction to visit all year round. Many people have actually been inspired to update their own home after visiting this impressive property. Why not update yours with beautiful timber Victorian doors. 
  1. Bodiam Castle
Based in East Sussex, the Bodiam Castle is one of the most magnificent examples of a medieval castle in the world. Your kids will love arriving at this stunning attraction. Like something out of a fairytale, the castle is more than 600 years old. Once owned by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, this castle was actually designed more for its style than anything else. Don’t miss the impressive spiral staircases and the extremely impressive gatehouse.
  1. Windsor Castle
If it’s castles you’re interested in, the Windsor Castle is an absolute must. It’s the biggest and oldest occupied castle in the world, not to mention the main residence of the Queen. It has a history that dates back more than 1000 years. There’s a drawings gallery, St George’s Chapel and Queen Mary’s Dolls House to explore. The rooms in the Castle are absolutely stunning. You’ll walk away in awe at how exquisitely the castle has been designed.


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