Halloween DIY: Cost Effective Kids Costumes!

With Halloween coming up, it’s worth thinking about how put together cost effective kids costumes. These can take a range of forms, but with a shared emphasis on avoiding spending a lot of money on expensive shop bought costumes. Simple costumes can be created for children with a minimum of effort, and can be an ideal way of saving time for a Halloween kids party. This is a particularly important approach for younger children that may feel uncomfortable in a more elaborate costume, with DIY costumes primarily being simple adaptations of clothes around the house, or made up of parts that can be separated if children become too uncomfortable.
Perhaps the easiest way to make a cost effective kids costume is to adapt clothes around the house, and to rework existing uniforms and costumes around Halloween themes. For example, a leotard or dance costume can be made into a fairy costume with some papier mache wings and a skirt. Ordinary clothes can also be adapted to make construction workers costumes with plastic hard hats. For very young children, you might also add on wings or a a cape to existing clothes. Young children can similarly be dressed in a smock and beret, and given time to play with paints as part of Halloween games.
Another costume option is to make up outfits from favourite sports teams. This can be as simple as using an existing football kit, or can be adjusted for ballerinas, boxers, and racing drivers with jump suits. Second hand clothes can be ideal here for picking up cheap suits, shorts and gloves that will hold up for a single night. Alternatively, you can make sports costumes more distinctive by using face paint to turn children into zombie and vampire players.
In terms of Halloween classics like vampires and ghosts, you can easily make up these costumes without having to buy a complete set. A vampire costume can consist of a black outfit and formal shirt with a bin liner cape, with white makeup or face paint combined with plastic fangs and hair gel. Vampire costumes that use contemporary clothes are also recommended if you want to change the look.
Alternatively, you can fall back on the standard Halloween ghost costume by measuring and cutting an old sheet to include eye and mouth holes. This costume is always useful if small children don’t want the hassle of a complicated costume. Witch costumes can similarly be achieved through bin liner capes, skirts, and a cardboard box rolled into a cone, cut and taped for a witches’ hat.
While superhero costumes can be more of a challenge for DIY creations, you can create a Superman effect by ironing on a badge to a normal shirt. Alternatively, you can make up a Joker costume using green hair dye and makeup, and use an old suit from a charity shop. Other costume ideas, like drawing on The Hunger Games, can simply involve old clothes, and plastic bows and arrows.
In terms of general safety, make sure that all makeup and face paint won’t irritate a child’s skin. Invest in bin liners that are tough enough to act as capes without fraying or becoming tangled. Old parts of costume can also be recycled to make new outfits. If possible, attach some reflective tape to capes if children are trick or treating after dark, and make sure that they are always supervised when going out in costume.

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