The Who, The What, The Where and The Why…

The Who, The What, The Where and The Why…

Hello people, this all feels like a fresh start but reality is this blog is actually years old…but it’s never been my main focus. I blog over at but considering that I don’t have babies anymore…it all seems a bit out of touch, and not really me anymore. So I thought now is the time to spread my wings and write more openly and freely, do less reviews and just make it a space I enjoy without any pressure. So here we are…

So I’m Danielle,  I’m 33 and a Mum to four children.

My eldest son Jordan is 15, he adores drawing and is currently doing his GCSE course in Year 10. He probably won’t feature much on here in photo, as he hates the camera and I have to respect his wishes. Jordan was diagnosed back in 2007, at 5 years old, with ADHD and Autism.

My second born child is my daughter Brooke who is 13, she attends a different school to Jordan. She adores music, drama and languages. She plays Oboe in the Orchestra and spends most of her free time with her head in a book.

Mark is 8 and is my little quiet gentle soul, he spends most of his time under a fluffy blanket. Mark was diagnoised last year with Autism (Aspergers). Mark loves Pokemon, Minecraft and watching his favourite Youtubers. He is partial to a Nerf session…but hates sports in general.

My youngest daughter Emma is 5. Emma was diagnosed this February with Autism (Aspergers). She is select mute, but has a huge personality. She is obsessed with turtles and tortoises, she adores playing Xbox and is a whizz at Minecraft and Roblox.

So as you can tell, Autism is quite a big thing in our lives, but I am very open about it, and love to talk all things Autism and try to be really positive about it, so I am sure there are many more blog posts to come on that subject.

We live in the Cotswolds, with 3 chickens and one tortoise. We moved here back in 2012 when I was pregnant with my youngest. I grew up in Essex/Suffolk, my eldest two children grew up in Essex too, but after visiting Oxfordshire so many times and not wanting to go home to the town life, I made the bold and drastic move to relocate. Again, I’m sure there will more on that too, and the reality of how a change from a busy town to a sleepy village impacts you mentally and physically.

I am actually really excited to be doing this blog…lets see if it lasts!


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