When your eldest starts Secondary School

Next year my son will start secondary school, and that is a scary thought! I remember starting High School myself, and I remember how scary it was. But only this is different, Jordan has learning difficulties. Starting High School and being the youngest ones there is not good, you feel vulnerable, you feel exposed, and lets face it, kids can be cruel. I remember kids being picked on from everything from the shoes they wore, to the bag they were carrying, or even what they looked like. I wasn’t immune from the bullying, and I had the odd moment where people said nasty things, and in all honesty the worst kind of time for me was my third year in high school when I got really awful acne. No word of a lie, my hormones must of been in overdrive and my back was covered. It didn’t help that we had to do swimming, in costumes that showed all my spotty back. I would of tried any acne treatments available, and I even ended up on a long course of tablets from the doctor to help it. But that of course didn’t stop the comments and remarks. Instead I found every excuse possible to get out of swimming, from my heavy period to sports injury. The teachers would just give me an hours detention if I didn’t do the swimming, it didn’t bother me, I would of rather spent an hour stood in the sports hall than even spent a minute exposing my back to the world. 

But my acne problems disappeared after a while, and it made me stronger. It made me also realise how other kids feel, and I made more effort to talk to the kids who were not as popular and even some who were bullied worse than I ever was. But what about my son, he is not as strong as me mentally, he has Autism, he has ADHD and he knows he is different. What if the kids pick on him? He has feelings too, and I won’t be there to protect him from them and stick up for him. That is the hard part. 

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